Complaint: Horrible Broadcast Service

on 04 September 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

NBC has the exclusive rights to air the NHL playoffs and yet it seems you don’t know how to do that. Using the NBC app on a streaming service, I have had constant issues trying to watch the games. They come back from commercial breaks when the game is already in play. Commercials start and then get cut off as the localnational broadcast spots start when someone forgets to hit a switch. It is extremely unprofessional and as a consumer, annoying to have to see. How this isn’t considered a monopoly is beyond me as NBC has been airing the NHL Playoffs for years and the service has gotten worse and worse over the years. You have your announcers push for a start player when the team is loosing. Your camera people can’t seem to keep the camera on the team that has just scored because you want to make a push for the new star player. Stop being the voice in the announcers ears and let them do their job. And the last straw that has me sending this complaint is what happened today. We were sitting here watching a hockey game and the next thing we knew, golf was one the tv. We did not change channel and the remotes were no where near us. We learned that there was a major slip up on the part of NBC and the scheduling department. So after starting the hockey game on one channel, it was moved, with notice to the people watching, to another channel because you messed up on scheduling. Maybe you have too many things going on and can’t handle a playoff series when there is a possibility of extra games.

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