Complaint: Heinous decision to host Trump townhall simultaneous to Biden’s

on 14 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

As a loyal, nightly watcher of ALL THREE HOURS of Maddow, O’Brien, and Williams – plus day viewing if something is happening – I cannot fathom how you would think it is just ducky to reward our erratic, incompetent, narcissistic President with a plum of a townhall opposite Biden. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you not understand how this rewards his erratic, self serving behavior?? We are fighting for the soul of this country, trying to elect a leader who can actually lead us through the pandemic – and you do THIS to loyal NBC watchers? I am currently looking for boycotts of your sponsors. You have just accomplished a heinous betrayal, and we will not forget it.

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Suggested solution:

Cancel the townhall with Trump, or move it. Otherwise, I am joining others to boycott your sponsors. You have poked the wrong bear with this one - that is, ALL YOUR LOYAL MSNBC viewers. Allow a townhall if you must, but whomever made this decision needs to be named and then sacked. HOW DARE YOU.

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