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on 30 November 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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I am a dedicated Today Show watcher. Today inwas watching the 3rd Hour and was very excited when I saw a few great ideas advertised for Cyber Monday. After the segment I immediately went online to order the items. I went to Amazon as that is where the Today Show told me to purchase the items I was interested in. As I am getting ready to order the item, Craftmen Mini Fridge, which was advertised on the show at 30% off today at 27.99 the Amazon picture and description informed me that this item was not yet available and that another item at a higher price was. It also informed me that Al’s daughter works.for the Craftsman company but this was not the reason they chose this as an cyber Monday product. If this is not the reason why mention it??? If it isn’t available why advertise it??? If you don’t have it and it isn’t available and you offer a higher price point item it is a bait and switch!!! Lastly, on order for the mini fridge to function you must purchase the ac cord which is over 20.00 as well. This is not mentioned in the plug either. As a dedicated watcher of your program who really felt like this was an honest group of people hosting the show and bring honest information to the consumer I am really heartbroken. I think from your end you may forget we as the audience look at you for inspiration in the morning especially during these difficult times. As a consumer who has really struggled this year due to the overwhelming circumstances that have occurred, myself and soany others are looking to for the best deals possible. We are trying to stay afloat and trying desperately to make the best holiday season for our families. Please take into consideration my email to you. I never take time to write in to these kinds of things bit this I felt had to be said. Blessings.

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An apology to me and the public for starters. Correcting the problem is a good second. I think you have alot of making up to do. I feel terrible. I told my niece I was going to buy it for her. I had no idea about the above or that an additional part, meaning and additional electrical cord had to be purchased as well. So 27.99 is really 35.00 for the fridge plus twenty something dollars on top of that. That little fridge with tax.will probably end up costing over 70.00 bucks. Now I need to explain to my niece why I can't get her the Christmas gift I was so excited to send. Imagine that!!! I am a very dissatisfied and disappointed viewer.

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