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Why is NBC hosting a townhall with Trump at the same time that a townhall was scheduled previously with Biden? This is outrageous! Definitely designed to reward Trump for refusing to follow the new debate rules for debate number 2. The excuse that you use that because you hosted a townhall with Biden previously doesn’t hold water. No problem with him having a townhall but it SHOULD NOT be scheduled at the same time. If you follow through with this I will boycott NBCMSNBCCNBC for the rest of October. Many of my friends will do the same.

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Reschedule the Trump townhall to not conflict with the previously scheduled Biden townhall.

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Mary Lou Bradley
Mary Lou Bradley (@guest_2114)
7 months ago

This is a bad move from NBC. Not fair to the American people who want to watch each candidate individually. It makes no sense. Stop thinking about the money involved and take a minute to look beyond and do what’s best for the people.

Rick Van Bruggen
Rick Van Bruggen (@h2oengr)
7 months ago

I was shocked to find out that the NBC network is hosting a “last minute” planned Trump Town Hall directly opposite Biden’s Town Hall on another network, after Trump was the one to back out of the originally planned debate with Biden. I would expect that of Fox News, but not NBC. 
I will no longer be reading, watching or otherwise patronizing NBC news, a network I have watched for forty years, but never more.

Ken Adams
Ken Adams (@zigmund123)
7 months ago

I am opposed to Trump town hall being scheduled directly against Joe Biden’s Townhall.

VALERIE MARTIN (@guest_2117)
7 months ago

WHY schedule a trump Town Hall at the exact same time as the Biden Town Hall?
You could have scheduled it an hour before or an hour after or on a different day.

Disappointed former fan

Derrick (@guest_2138)
7 months ago

They’re thinking $$$

Joyce Wiedemer Bates
Joyce Wiedemer Bates (@guest_2118)
7 months ago

I have been a fan of the Today show for years. Not anymore. What a disgrace to schedule a Trump campaign event at the same time Biden is appearing in a scheduled presidential election debate that Trump backed out of. I will no longer watch the Today show. I’m switching to Good Morning America to get my morning news.

Susan Berntson
Susan Berntson (@guest_2173)
7 months ago

Boycott NBC!

Debra Banks
Debra Banks (@guest_2120)
7 months ago

I doubt your seasoned respectable reporters would agree to hosting Trumps publicity stunt. Shame on you.

Richard Goldsmith
Richard Goldsmith (@guest_2123)
7 months ago

I agree wholeheartedly with the criticism being hurled at NBC for its extraordinarily shocking decision to broadcast trump’s town hall at the same time VP Joe Biden’s town hall was scheduled. I would not have expected NBC, home to so many prominent, honorable and talented journalists to cater to this corrupt, venal and lie-mongering campaign. Shame on you. I’ll be watching, and voting for, Joe Biden.

Gerald L Coe
Gerald L Coe (@jerrylcoe)
7 months ago

I am concerned that NBC has chosen to schedule a Trump town hall at the same time as ABC’s Joe Biden town hall. Lester Holt may have switched his party affiliation from Republican to Independent but as anyone who watches the NBC Evening News knows, he always has been and still is a huge Trump supporter. An extremely poor decision by NBC in allowing Lester Holt to make this decision.

Fuckyou (@guest_2125)
7 months ago

NBC is nakedly supporting our racist, insane president. I haven’t forgotten how you broadcasted “BUT HER EMAILS!” 24/7 in 2016, and I won’t forget that you are REWARDING Trump for his childish behavior (refusing to debate). There is NO straight-faced argument you can give for giving this psychopath FREE PUBLICITY. Comcast and NBC are now enemies of democracy, I hope you’re proud you fucking crooks.

Chrissy (@guest_2212)
7 months ago
Reply to  Fuckyou

You are very uneducated and obviously did not watch with an open mind. Hope you enjoy all these riots that the democrats are supporting. Only going to get worse if they get into office. Go craw back into your moms basement

Fuckyou (@guest_2126)
7 months ago

Why are you even pretending to care about this? Comcast values money over democracy and we all know you’re on the take from this corrupt WH.

NBC = Fox News. Congrats.

Joseph Gaylord
Joseph Gaylord (@houndstoothjoe)
7 months ago

NBC I have watched you for years, if you hold a Two Hall with Trump at the same time as Joe Biden Town Hall I will no longer have anything to do with NBC again. CBS and ABC have great news, and I watched NBC with faith for years to their fairness and understanding. Apparently that has changed. If Trump can’t be in a debate, he does not deserve TV time, which is what he craves. Your choice NBC a Trump town hall very few people will watch, or support your watchers. All you need to do is reschedule, if… Read more »

Wyn Hounihan
Wyn Hounihan (@guest_2128)
7 months ago

NBC is rewarding the president for going back on his word. I’m very disappointed in this decision that NBC has made.Your showing people and children that your word means nothing.
Who thought that this was a good idea? You arejust as bad as the people in his party, no one tells him NO. Needless to say I will not be watching. I am a faithful viewer. However I will not forget what you have done.

Ron Faulkner
Ron Faulkner (@guest_2129)
7 months ago

We are appalled that NBC would put ratings over democracy! Trump. pulled out of the original town hall with Biden and now NBC has the nerve to schedule Trump on the same time/date. You have allowed Trump to call this shot and I will never forget this when it comes to future viewing.

The only way to retain me and many viewers is to cancel this circus that you have contributed to.

Gail Okun
Gail Okun (@guest_2131)
7 months ago

Very bad move. People have the right to hear both candidates. Biden scheduled after Trump canceled a virtual debate. He should have first dibs.. Why penalize the American people from hearing both candidates. Reschedule. You have created a intolerable situation which angers not only people on your network, but all of the Americans who are fighting for equality and want to make their judgment in electing a President and want an opportunity to hear concerns that we probably all have and absolutely learned nothing from the last debate, which Trump bastardized.

Margaret McCatty
Margaret McCatty (@guest_2133)
7 months ago

Watching CNN tonight and heard Don Lemon ranting about Trump’s scheduled Town Hall tomorrow night on NBC. Could you tell me why in the hell would NBC pull this stunt? Trump pulled out of the original debate and now NBC is giving him time to air his bull shit against Joe Biden, who stayed in the game despite Trump’s tantrum, is being held on another station. Divide, divide, divide….. and by succumbing to Trump’s manipulation. NBC is also MSNBC has been disgraced and so is it’s devoted viewers by this shenanigan destructive move. It’s right up there with staying silent… Read more »

Marci J
Marci J (@guest_2134)
7 months ago

Goodbye NBC.

Linda (@unbelievable)
7 months ago

Shame on NBC for scheduling the town hall with Trump opposite Biden. I had planned to watch both. That’s the way democracy works. Someone said they won’t watch NBC the rest of October if it’s not rescheduled. I plan to not watch NBC ever again if it’s not rescheduled.

Michael Matras
Michael Matras (@guest_2136)
7 months ago

Holding a town hall for Trump just to get ratings! You have lost my viewership.

Tom Goff
Tom Goff (@guest_2137)
7 months ago

This is a travesty and I’ll be boycotting NBC and all parent networks. You’re giving Trump a platform to spread his lies and misinformation on prime time television. Please reschedule or cancel this “town hall” so that it doesn’t interfere with the Biden town hall.

Teresa kemmer
Teresa kemmer (@guest_2139)
7 months ago

Absolutely no reason to do these town halls the same night AND time. Bad decision NBC. Disappointing.

Edwin Smootyboob
Edwin Smootyboob (@guest_2140)
7 months ago

Why would you do this? Have him debate like man, not the fat coward he is. You’ve lost my respect for this. I’ll be telling all of my friends to send boxes that explode with glitter when you open them to your offices,

Josiah Jophlin
Josiah Jophlin (@guest_2143)
7 months ago

This is a horrible idea NBC, that is clearly designed for ratings and not the benefit of the American people that would like to see both men debate, or at the very least speak separately at different times. Why on earth would you schedule it at the same time?? You are rewarding a candidate that refuses to follow debate rules and instead is looking for a free, nationally televised rally. I will vote with my wallet and choose to boycott NBC programming.

Anthony Murgatroyd
Anthony Murgatroyd (@guest_2144)
7 months ago

Agreed. Shameful scheduling them in competing roles. Why couldn’t you have staggered them?

Former viewer
Former viewer (@guest_2145)
7 months ago

I’ve watched NBC all my life. Not anymore! I guess it’s true, money is the root of all evil.

Robert Faulkner
Robert Faulkner (@guest_2146)
7 months ago

Giving free airtime to a guy that withdrew from the debate is bad enough…. Good job rewarding Captain Snowflake! But doing it at a time when America won’t be able to watch both is just an appalling, reality TV level, ratings war spectacle. I’m ashamed of NBC, I’m done with NBC and we’re going after your advertisers next.

Makes sense that the Matt Lauer channel has a thing for those accused of sexual assault, but really, this is beyond. Let’s give little Donnie his participation prize!

Martha Johnson
Martha Johnson (@guest_2147)
7 months ago

My husband spent 20 years killing himself working for NBC as he as always thought it was the most unbiased and fairest news channel. We are so disappointed that NBC would schedule a candidate’s town hall at the same time as another on a different channel. That is not fair journalism but just caving into the lure of money. It puts NBC at the same level of FOX. You should be ashamed.

Kristin (@guest_2149)
7 months ago

So after Trump turns down a virtual debate with Biden, saying “that is not a debate, they can turn off my volume at any time”, he is now “rewarded” with a Town hall timeslot at the exact same time as Biden. I have always been impressed with the way that NBC has provided news to the country, in an impartial and fair manner. This blows it all out of the water, picking sides, picking ratings above giving the public equal time to hear the arguments being held on each side. I am VERY disappointed with your decision and would imagine… Read more »

Judy Mace
Judy Mace (@guest_2150)
7 months ago

Wrong. I will miss Lester Holt, Today Show, and all the other shows I watch on NBC. No more.

Pete S.
Pete S. (@guest_2151)
7 months ago

Katy Tur will be watching Biden on ABC. 😎

C.Minter (@guest_2152)
7 months ago

I am so disappointed in NBC and its lack of journalistic integrity. By scheduling the Trump Town Hall at the same time as the legitimate Biden Town Hall, you are telling your viewers that your loyalty lies with this President. A president that refuses to debate his opponent. This is not democracy. Please listen to you viewers and reschedule this Trump Town Hall.

Wally D
Wally D (@guest_2154)
7 months ago

The decision to air Trump at the same time as Biden’s townhall is one of the most egregious programming decision NBC has ever made. I am through with NBC. Your sponsors will be disappointed with your decision.

Mary Ann Dickson
Mary Ann Dickson (@guest_2155)
7 months ago

NBC is now an official Trump backer. I’m disgusted with your decision to air the townhall tonight. I will boycott your station and will never watch anything that Savannah Guthrie is on. Your station is doing a great disservice to our country.

Neta O’Brien
Neta O’Brien (@guest_2157)
7 months ago

Shame on you, NBC for so blatantly favoring one candidate in the pre-election. Scheduling Trump in a broadcast at the same time as an already scheduled Biden townhall is akin to endorsing Trump for president, especially after Trump refused a fair and impartial debate. Our news sources are supposed to be impartial. Your network has proved you are otherwise. I will no longer watch NBC programming.

Kathy Steffen
Kathy Steffen (@guest_2158)
7 months ago

What were the top executives of NBC thinking? That is meant as a rhetorical question. Of course it is all about money. Scheduling Trump’s town hall at the same time as Biden’s is a disservice to the American people. Reschedule Trump’s time slot so as not to conflict with Biden’s. But then I must remember that Trump and his cronies do not play fair as demonstrated by the live debate. Rules do not apply to the Trump administration. I guess NBC has lost one more viewer.

Hannah (@guest_2159)
7 months ago

This is a horrible decision, NBC. Don’t give Trump a platform to spout nonsense from after he threw a tantrum and refused to do a proper debate with Biden. This is a circus.

Sue Micklevitz
Sue Micklevitz (@guest_2160)
7 months ago

I have been a loyal viewer of NBC, watching many programs as well as the NBC Chicago nightly news. Because of NBC’s decision to be a ratings whore for one night and unnecessarily bowing to a dishonest politician by helping him promote his baseless propaganda, NBC has now lost this loyal supporter. ABC Chicago will now be my news choice as well as other ABC programming. Congratulations, you lost both the battle and the war!

Lin Herz
Lin Herz (@guest_2162)
7 months ago

I am outraged that NBC would hold Trump’s town hall at the same time as Joe Biden’s. That’s bad for those who want to hear both sides and certainly makes it look like NBC is endorsing Trump.
Trump did not follow the debate guidelines and refused to debate virtually. NBC is rewarding him for being rude, not following the rules and basically being making his own rules. =
If NBC wants to hold a town hall with Trump, I understand. But to hold it opposite Joe Biden’s is not professional. I plan on boycotting NBC Programs for the foreseeable future.

Steven Lasch
Steven Lasch (@guest_2163)
7 months ago

I am opposed to Trump town hall being scheduled directly against Joe Biden’s Townhall. Boycott NBC!

Shintzoian (@guest_2164)
7 months ago

I have lost confidence in NBC and will limit, to the best of my abilities, my interactions with any shows, businesses and advertisers that associate with this publicity stunt.

Meghan Forbes
Meghan Forbes (@guest_2166)
7 months ago

People learn certain types of behavior when they are rewarded for doing so. Trump couldn’t face Biden so you gave him another stage? This is sad, but everyone has a price, right? I wonder what yours was. It paid for this: “NBC is weak.” – Trump Trump attacked the [NBC], claiming its error as evidence of “fake news” being written to undermine him. He tweeted: “NBC NEWS is wrong again! They cite ‘sources’ which are constantly wrong. Problem is, like so many others, the sources probably don’t exist, they are fabricated, fiction! NBC, my former home with the Apprentice, is… Read more »

Donna Oakner
Donna Oakner (@guest_2167)
7 months ago

SHAME ON YOU!!! Please change the time and/or date so that people can watch both townhalls. I will boycott NBCMSNBCCNBC forever. Many of my friends and family will do the same. Reschedule the Trump townhall so that voters can watch both townhalls & be able to come away with a decision on how to vote!

It is not to late to change the Trump townhall so it doesn’t conflict with Biden’s (who had his set up well before Trump’s.

Susan (@guest_2168)
7 months ago

NBC, I am completely disgusted by your decision to allow trump a time slot that competes with the Biden Town Hall. You caved to crybaby trump who refused to do the virtual town hall. I appreciate being able to see the candidates and how they respond. I don’t have the means to record and view an event later. Maybe since you are bending over for trump already you can rerun it at another time and reward him more airtime. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. I will never tune in to NBC again. What a moronic decision.

Marcy Nelson
Marcy Nelson (@guest_2169)
7 months ago

Why would you schedule a candidate town hall opposite a previously scheduled town hall by the other candidate? And since when do we let candidates dictate when they appear? Trump chose not to follow debate rules and pulled out. Why are you rewarding him for that?

Diane Jerome
Diane Jerome (@guest_2170)
7 months ago

Just watched Chuck Todd doing a promo for Trump’ s town hall tonight. I am baffled and angry about NBC’s decision to reward the lying and toxic President with this plum free advertising town hall. And, to be put on opposite VP Biden is to add insult to injury. Please, please reconsider your programming! Do not reward Trump’s bad behavior. He refused to comply with a virtual debate, So he should be limited to speaking to his minions through his State News station. If NBC is willing to do this for the ratings, they will deserve the permanent loss of… Read more »

Susan Berntson
Susan Berntson (@guest_2171)
7 months ago

Will be boycotting NBC after tonight. Used to be my go-to news channel, but no more. Trump refused to debate and NBC is rewarding him by giving him a show where he has the mike the entire time. SO disappointed in NBC!

tim (@guest_2172)
7 months ago

Due to what you are doing with the town hall meetings tonight, I have removed all NBC chanel’s from my cable remote, I will never watch NBC again!

Brad Brandmeyer
Brad Brandmeyer (@guest_2175)
7 months ago

Your choice to air both a Biden and Trump town hall meeting simultaneously is an obvious attempt to keep our country divided.

This is a transparently greedy move on your part and it will serve to keep viewers from hearing both candidates positions.

I have been a long time fan of MSNBC because of it’s integrity. This sabotage is more akin to what I would expect from FOX.

I will watch Joe Biden as planned and as for the future I will be boycotting your programing.

Disgusting and SHAMEFUL!

Bob Gonsler
Bob Gonsler (@guest_2176)
7 months ago

I watch NBC often and usually respect their news programs. I’m very upset with their decision to air Trumps town hall at the same6 time as Biden’s. It appears that you favor Trump by scheduling at the same time Biden’s will be aired. Very disappointed.

Judy (@guest_2177)
7 months ago

If Trump wants to participate in a town hall, he can with Biden! I think NBC should steer clear of this. Especially on that day and time!

Carls Bicks
Carls Bicks (@guest_2178)
7 months ago

I agree. A very bad idea. Trump canceled the virtual debate. Now you out him in direct competition with Biden. Dispicable. Change the day or the hour. Don’t be wusses and bow down to pressure.