Complaint: Don’t advertise Thanksgiving Dinners, while promoting “no” family gatherings.

on 17 November 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I find it odd that you still are having baking sections, and discussing Thanksgiving “traditions”, as well as, what to cook; we are in a pandemic that your news station is also promoting to stay at home, we shouldn’t be encouraged to cook these meals for many. Get creative. Show us what to do, to be okay, cooking for JUST our family. Or if we must do more for others, show us safe ways to give to the homeless or feed others, within pandemic restraints. Help us stay at home.

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Suggested solution:

Create some cooking sections surrounding cooking “smaller” for thanksgiving. Or a section on how to give Griggs to others “safely” to show our thanks.
News sections on how to cope with it being okay to not be with others right now. Crafts we could do via zoom with family, TVs that allow zoom within them, with a camera, or stands to hold phones and tablets as you love about the room. Things that help us be apart, but together. Not recipes to cook for a family, cause family can’t be here. I need a phone stand that goes with me. Maybe a robotdrone that floats around my head to record me. Lol.

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