Complaint: Discrimination

on 22 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

The purpose of citizens watching the news is to find out about new local, national and international news. I have never seen such blatant biased news as I have in the last few months. Your news station politically leans left which in it self is wrong, but recently your way left. You are supposed to report the news as it happens not as you pick and choose Your stations are so antiTrump it’s outrageous. It is not the job of news stations to encourage the public to vote or think in a certain way. The fact that NBC and all your news stations refuse to cover the Hunter Biden Joe Biden story. This is an extremely important story which has been proven to be true Yet because it would hurt the Democratic Party you have not said one word. If it was Trump. and Trump Jr you would be all over it. I am writing this as a spokesperson for many of my friends in the Philadelphia area. We will be boycotting all CBS programs form now on And we will let people know this on social media. I wish we had Walter Cronkite back. He gave the facts and nothing else. Real journalism

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Report the news in an unbiased show. Let the public think for them selves . Report all stories that are important to the people of this country local, national and international!! Your station owes the American people an apology for being so blatantly left wing!

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