Complaint: Dear God!!! What have you done to my hockey!

on 01 September 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

First offense: Firing Jeramy R for making a typical male colorful funny comment about a private vacation with his wife and Katy Tappin who, while being pretty, has only the insight of pro hockey that an ex wife of a player could have. Let’s face it, she’s useless for meaningful commentary on the game. Just eye candy. Shame on you!
Second offense: Having the girl (whoever she is?) adding commentary to NHL games. She might be relevant to the argument of girls not playing well every 28 days, but making any comments to the male domaine of NHL playoff hockey, she’s useless ( if she’s looking to further her career in the booth, she should do something about that God horrible nasal voice that makes my dog howl and drag his butt across the deck!)
And last: For Gods sake… Bring back Mike. His insight in the game was from years of sweat and blood. He has earned the right to voice his opinion and it is VERY insightful to the game from both the mental and physical aspect of the game no matter what the political correct climate is. Shame on you for bowing to extreme left leaning politics. I have been finding myself turning off the audio and finding radio to replace the idiotic talking heads you try to pass off as “experts. Your low opinion of the NHL fan is a slap in the face and I take extreme offense. Between your moronic choices to ruin my hockey experience and the CBC getting rid of Don Cherry I might as well stark drinking heavily and joining my dog on the deck!

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I have already given you remedial advice in my tantrum filled emotional tampon dialogue!

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