Complaint: Cutting the President off in mid speech

on 06 November 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Yesterday, October 5th, Mr. Trump was giving a speech regarding the election and possible voter fraud. Midway through the speech Lester Holt (who has to be the hardest working man in broadcast journalism) cut off the President saying there was no basis for his claims and cut to another story. This displays an incredible arrogance of the press and a complete lack of respect for the office of the President. If you don’t like the president the fourth estate should at least respect the office. The prior day NBC gave Joe Biden a platform to claim whatever he wanted in its entirety. This is yet another example why the country no longer trusts or respects the press. The bias goes beyond the pale. The only major newspaper available to me is the very left wing St. Louis Post Dispatch, who by the way endorsed every single democrat candidate (except one). I have to dig deep on the internet to find opposing views like the Wall Street Journal. This isn’t the 1950’s or 60’s where people couldn’t check facts spewed by the networks. Please, for the sake of the country at least try to show some fair and unbiased reporting. Your networks future is at stake.

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Suggested solution:

Hire and broadcast a few conservative reporters and let them air some stories that are balanced

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