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on 03 July 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

This vigilante is using your product to become famous like Chris Hanson. In one of his videos he harassed the wrong suspect and he feels bad about it yet he doesn’t think what he’s doing is wrong. He purposely drags in innocent family members to the detriment of their health. He could cause a heart attack in the mothers that he contacts and harasses. He publicly shamed the parents who had no idea this guy was using entrapment to catch a so-called predator. He demands the parents cuss out their adult child and publicly shame them. He is using your protected catch phrase to catch a predator. Which by the way where are the parents of the alleged 15 year old that’s on the internet? Aren’t the parents ultimately liable if their children are harmed by a predator online? Didn’t the parents of these minors give their children access to the internet?
This vigilante almost caused a heart attack in one of the mothers by publicly shaming her to submit to his will over the phone and broadcast it on the internet.

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Suggested solution:

They should get an order from the court to stop the production of this copycat company because their illegal tactics can and will cause harm. If to catch a predator does not put an injunction on him for this and a parent should be attacked as a result of his internet show then you might be liable.
His website is on YouTube: Icatchpredatorsdometimes

I want to remain anonymous because I have done my part and did the right thing for all parties involved including this vigilante.

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about NBC

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