Complaint: Complaint against rude termination of broadcast of presidential press conference

on 10 November 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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Organization for Justice and Equality
Eagle Forum – California
Take Back America
California for Liberty
International Faith Based Coalition
National Congress for Racial Equality
Chinese American Institute for Empowerment
Greater San Gabriel Valley Foundation

We are outraged and appalled by the unprecedented and rude termination of broadcast by your channel, of President Trump’s press conference on November 5th, 2020. This deprives U.S. residents of the right to listen to our sitting president and the right to know as if we were living in a dictatorship. It is censorship and destroying our democracy! We demand you not to make the same colossal mistake again. If you continue to do so, we will escalate our actions against you. Please reply.

Your fake or wrong pre-election polls, ignoring the pivotal Hunter Biden scandal, together with the above-mentioned barbaric termination of broadcast of presidential press conference, blemish the reputation of our country and cause us to be the joke of the world! It is apparent that you want to oust President Trump whatever way you can. Regardless of whether Americans think that represents a good riddance, we cannot tolerate this type of unprofessional and low-class behavior any more.

In the afternoon of November 5th, 2020, President Trump called a press conference to disclose the serious problems of the presidential election. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC terminated the broadcast abruptly and scolded the president with every effort ignominiously, giving the President of the United States no respect at all! We have reasons to believe that you actually conspired to act together in advance. You kept charging the president for having no proof for his claims. But President Trump did file lawsuits against different states on the election, bringing forward much evidence.

Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum of California, stated, “I am outraged that reporters from our major media would show such disrespect to our sitting president as to terminate broadcast in the middle of a press conference. What a shameful display that is to the rest of the world! Incivility and disrespect do nothing but demean the person whence they come. Civility and politeness are like cement in society that binds it together. It is sad to see that cement crumbling around us and to see the mainstream media as a major part of its demise.”

Our contention can be best illustrated on several counts:
1. Your commentator of these media corporations stated that the president was baseless with his claims. But if the president has already filed different lawsuits with scrutable evidence, this charge of the commentator against the president is based on no grounds instead.

2. Regardless, the professional way is to let Americans listen to the concise speech of President Trump and then ask him questions to clarify or refute afterwards. Even if you criticize him after his speech, it is much better than terminating the broadcast which is unacceptable.

3. Have your anchors read and understood the legal claims of President Trump against the states in different lawsuits? If not, how could they reiterate that the president is really misleading or wrong and terminate broadcast?

4. Even if they have read the details of the lawsuits, do they have profound legal knowledge to be judges? If not, they should be, as usual, report the stories of both sides to viewers and let the judge decide. That is proper reporting of a genuine professional.

This seemingly conspired termination of broadcast of a sitting U.S. president’s press conference is unprecedented and disgraceful, causing the United States to be an object of derision. Americans do want you to stop the censorship and not to dictate or impose on us and more! Your job is to provide us with the necessary news and information impartially, but not to choose a president for us!

Please respond soon. Thank you.

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Suggested solution:

Stop the shameful termination of broadcast of presidential press conference. Stop the censorship! Do not be so biased in your news reports. Be professional and impartial. Do you force us to choose the president you want. Do not destroy our democracy and freedom!

Please provide your answer to us, upon which we will decide on whether we escalate our actions against you. Thank you.

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