Complaint: Chuck Todd

on 04 January 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I neither like the Dems or Republicans but I have watched Meet the Press for more than 20 years. Last Sunday the 3 Jan 2021 was the most ridiculous thing. Why can’t NBC just present the facts and let people make there own decisions. I don’t need a pompous A like Chuck Todd shouting down an elected official and making everyone liston to his opinion. Who the Hell is CHUCK TODD? I didn’t get the memo that said he was GOD. Maybe thats coming when he and NBC have us all being socialists. I didn’t serve my country in Military for Chuckie Todds to tell me how to think!!! Don’t worry Meet the Press will never be on my TV again

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Suggested solution:

Fire Chuck Todd he would never get another job. I have taken polls on internet several times and no one like him. I took one this AM and 100% of people didn't like him.

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