Complaint: Bias treatment for news coverage for President Trump

on 10 November 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Dear SirMadam,
We are outraged and stunned by the unprecedented and rude termination of broadcast by your channel, of President Trump’s press conference on November 5th, 2020. Your commentator then rebuked the president disrespectfully based on insufficient grounds. Incivility and disrespect do nothing but demean the persons whence they come. What an ignominious display this is to the rest of the world!
This deprives U.S. residents of the right to listen to our sitting president and the right to know, as if we were living in a dictatorship. It is censorship and destroying our democracy! We strongly protest against this and demand you not to make such colossal mistake again.
Your commentator stated that the president was baseless with his claims. But the president has already filed different lawsuits with proper evidence. Regardless, the professional way is to let Americans listen to the concise speech of President Trump and then ask him questions to clarify or refute afterwards.
Have your anchors read and understood all the legal claims of President Trump against the states in different lawsuits? Do they have profound legal knowledge to be judges? If not, they should be, as usual, report the stories of both sides to viewers and let the judge decide.
Your fake or wrong pre-election polls, ignoring the pivotal Hunter Biden scandal, together with the above-mentioned barbaric termination of broadcast of presidential press conference, blemish the reputation of our country and cause us to be the joke of the world!
Americans do want you to stop the censorship and not to dictate or impose on us anymore! Your job is to provide us with the necessary news and information impartially, but not to choose a president for us!

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Suggested solution:

A true and honest media company broadcast news for ALL people not for those who you like. Don’t make decision for us what we need to know; this is NOT a dictatorship country—not yet!

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