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on 22 February 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

NBC, you’ve got to do better! I can’t defend you anymore after this ridiculous HIT PIECE ON FLORIDA’S GOVERNOR! Not only did you embarrass yourselves; you embarrassed AMERICANS! A fool can tell the writer is hates VETERANS HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS! The blatant stereotyping the author made about both veterans and Jews is shameful and what NBC screams about and calls everyone a racist. Guess racism and sexism now depends on which party you belong to! Definitely not going to get anyone to vote democrat in 2022 2024! The bias will be your downfall because ALL AMERICANS except the rich, Hollywood, and the media are TIRED OF THE LIES, THE BIAS, and the media’s attack on our freedoms! You won’t win! You’re hurting democrats by doing this!

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Suggested solution:

Adhere to the basic principles of journalism and stop showing bias. You want to be journalists or activists? You must do a better job of hiding your hatred for 75MILLION AMERICANS! Tap into the your conscience and show integrity! It’s easy to go with the flow and agree with everyone else, but if you stick to your morals and have integrity and stand up for YOUR BELIEFS against the popular opinion it’s THE HARDEST THING YOU’LL DO, but you might regain Americans’ trust back and your ratings might improve!

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