Complaint: Article suggesting that Congress is there to protect the American people

on 30 June 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Opinion | Trump is stronger, and Congress is weaker, after Supreme Court’s CFPB decision. First, there is no author listed, so is this the opinion of NBC news? If so, its a shame that given the past few weeks, NBC can defend our Congress as the protector of the American people while we all sit here waiting for one of them to actually speak about solutions. We heard one senator start a conversation by introducing a police reform bill which was followed by crickets from ‘our protectors’. No matter what your opinion is of CFPB, Spoiler Alert: Congress isn’t our protector any longer. Thinking people can see it and that is why otherwise readers of NBC and other outlets have lost faith in getting the news without political bias, literally in everything we read. You are not calling out a bad ruling in this article, you are not doing your job. Let us decide about our politics…even those of us who would normally agree.

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Start being journalists. Since this 'opinion' piece has no author, readers are left believing it is the opinion of NBC news. If so, its a shame that your editors lost their red pens that allow them to at least pretend they are providing information and respect readers enough to let us form our own opinions. If this were an individual's opinion and they were willing to put their name on it, have at it.

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about NBC

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