NBC complaint: Amber Heard

on 15 July 2022 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

As a real survivor of DV I am very disappointed in your coverage of the Depp vs Heard trial. I watched the entire trial and came to my own conclusion that Ms Heard is not a victim of DV. I’m sorry but if Johnny hit her with chunky rings on his fingers, her face would have been tore up. Look at the picture of Rihanna after being hit by her partner. No amount of makeup would have covered up her injuries.
I really hope whoever reads this message will let the person in charge of this reporting to stop giving Heard’s attorney air time to keep the lies going. Enough is enough! Elaine lied to the jury herself! Stop this tirade before it gets too far out there.
Thank you for reading my message.

Suggested solution:

Consider ending the Amber Heard pity party!!

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