Complaint: Bin Raiders

on 11 April 2019 about Narromine Car Wash in category Automotive

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My complaint:

I live Right next door to our towns Carwash. Usually the noise, people, cars n the facility itself is on a low down. But, over the last 6 months there has been 1 guy stealing from the carwash bins at night on a continuous basis after 11PM! I had spoken to the owner of the carwash several times to resolve this initial issue. The guys had eventually moved on. But now there is a second person who does the same thing, but it’s usually around the 7pm mark.
I have 3 children, wit the eldest having autism n myself that suffers depression n extremely High Anxiety. Between myself n my son, these Bin Raiders are taking us around the twist wit our emotions n physical well being. We have been abruptly woken up, lost sleep, the children are frightened that these people will come over to our house n raid us of our belongings n our bins, my anxiety is a hundred times worse, we are on edge all the time at night n the list goes on.

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Suggested solution:

I would Love for the bins to be locked up, somehow at night or the owner to change the bins to another model, so that people can still use them, but not to open the lid or to go through them to empty out the bottles n cans

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