Complaint: Overpayment companies fault (PILON CLAUSE)

on 27 November 2020 about MYJAR in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

Hello,  I need to speak to someone regarding of a company which i was working for back in january 2020 for one 1 day and unfornately i was unable to continue further due to health reasons. As i was still on their payroll system as they explained that i applied after the 15th, they got in contact with me via email regarding the overpayment which needed to be deposited back in to their company. I was a bit confused as to why the payment was made in the first place? And i contacted them and they said it was regarding of the PILON Clause in the contract? I read through the contract and there was no pilon clause in effect i dont know if they are in breach of contract for doing so?… so when i first discovered that the money was in the account i was unable to transfer the money back due to having overdraftsloans already in my account and it was too late for me to do anything regarding it. So i initially kept in communication with them to provide them with updates on how to repay them. I also instructed them that due to covid 19 situation its really difficult to find a job but i will insist on keeping you updated and that way we can agree to a decision. When they contacted me via email saying the reason is not good enough enough we are going to have to take you to court. Now from the starting of the situation i do believe it was their fault for overpaying me for 3 consecutive months even tho i legally left the position which i gave them notice due to health reasons i was unable to continue further. Also the communication between me and the company has been delayed quite a bit as i have been in and out of hospital and had no access to my mobile phone for several months so comminications has mainly been done via email.

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Suggested solution:

Put the issue asside and an apology for timewasting and errors on their side of the company. And compensation due to pain and suffering over the past year.

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