M&T Bank complaint: claim denied letter

Complaint from yikes reported on 15 March 2024 about M&T Bank

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My complaint:

i disputed a charge i thought was not mine they sent a letter saying they are investigating it they will credit us the money until the investigation is over when it is if the charge needs to be reversed they would contact first to let us know before they take out the money. they didnt on march 8 they took out the money because it was denied, my problem is that you never contacted at all. today on march 12 i got a letter saying on march 8 you will take the money out so do whats necessary for your account whats the point of the letter if it comes after the day they took the money out? no contact was had on march 8 m t just took the money out after saying they would contact us first

Suggested solution:

find a different form of contact for immediate actions being done, not a letter that will come days later

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