MSNBC complaint: Dasha Burns

on 27 October 2022 about MSNBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

As I’ve said before Dasha Whatshername she is the worst most UNbiased reporter on your network. Anytime she is on -I turn you off including yesterday. She was on for 30 seconds and I had to turn you off. Go back and look at the tapes where she was being asked about the Fetterman debate. ( apparently you think she is your Fetterman expert because she managed to try and destroy him after her interview) Did she even research about the after effects and what to expect no – good reporter ! That in terms of ideas and comprehension patients are not effected just ability to communicate which needs therapy and time but he will have no problem understanding the issues in front of him.This lack of research alone makes her incapable of being a competent reporter. So look at the tape they started to ask her a question and she was already shaking her head NO -go look at lt. Thus giving the subliminal message he did poorly. Look at it – watch it she does it anytime she talks about Fetterman.I turned you off immediately . I will continue to NOT watch your network while she is in your employ. I thought you were better – I know you are better than this -but you will not get my support while she is on air !

Suggested solution:

Remove her from your reporter rotation at least during the midterms

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