MSNBC complaint: Ari Melber is a bigot

on 21 October 2022 about MSNBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

First off: to be clear, other complaints on this website toward black people on MSNBC being racist is wrong.

I believe Ari Melber uses his platform to target and single out viewers he percieves and wrongly stereotypes as obstructive, illegitimate, and or lesser than.
More specifically: I Believe Ari melber used a previous show to be misogynistic to be culturally insensative to intentionally offend me as a viewer for making complaints about him (or at the very least, attempt to offend someone or many ppl by trying to be antagonistic, not necessarily outspoken or confident but more intended as to be percieved with malice, by being overly suggestive and intentionally impressionistic), to both encourage what he perceives as mental instability due to lack of proof, through overt harassment (on live tv) along with covert behavior, in opposition of women he intentionally undermines or colleagues who disassociated from his behavior (although the two men he spoke with seemed well aware of his offensive demeanor andor oppositional attitude) to simply encourage self incrimination, while flaunting his ability to do so… to continuelly scrutinize people he thinks as stupid, wrong, or potentially racist.
I believe Ari Melber used the previous show with a previous guest and used afterthought to hide premeditation to disguise suggestive lingo that he passes off as adult content but is actually to speak in a coded way by acting passively speculative in a seemingly unintentional way, by acting, to disguise foresight as afterthought (andor thoughtfulness), to use his platform to signal to non work related friends about non work related matters, to pretend to be disheveled, in order to promote passive aggressive disapproval amongst and or with any guests associated with him at the time of his opportunist mini tantrums, with signals he intends to indirectly associated with me and toward people he panders to in manner to deliberately promote exclusion to repel or deflect certain viewers from his show (or to solicit viewers he encourages or enjoys spreading fear to or against as a signature theme of his tv personality by being over suggestive when belittling and or lobbying against individuals in an over suggestive and somewhat offensive manner) to influence his audience about larger more devisive or exploitable matters indirectly related to him or the urgency for security and not at all telated to the public content of his show the show itself.
I believe he diddoes this kind of borderline malpractice malfeasance (routinely) in an effort to promote offensive unregulated material to undermine the network he is intended to otherwise promote, as well as also showing giving approval of hate speech based on a band I posted about against hate speech, (that is crafted to possess one anothers naivety through hidden intent and blind submission, not acceptance or even just awareness ones own personal identity in verbatim to the lyrics or in correlation to ones own friends during the shared experience ) on social media, and in regard to a reference to Cardi Bs current legal problems (which I posted with the intent of discouraging provocations seemingly aimed like scattershot toward a narrowly selected audience) in speculation of her seemingly forged signature portrayal of what is to be forcefully accepted as to roles and purpose of men, or of the cover art- of the man who is suing her). Despite backstory to my rationale or reasons for articulating my own passive thoughts on Facebook: I believe Ari Melber wants to establish obsession and other false stances in preparation or support to legal action that he wants or hopes to put forth (based on his routinely manipulative counter attacks toward unidentified individuals who may or may not be watching) , and other people’s protest to that, he seems deliberately apprehensive and with anticipation to pushing for an unnecessary precaution of establishing someone as a threat, not someone who is often on the recieving end of threats, particularly by Ari Melber’s malice and overlooked behavior (which insinuates that he promotes hate of latin people to ward off evil and for attention.
Based on the previous show with a previous host and guest promoting a book about men practicing responsible sexual activity, I believe Ari Melber speculated openly in pretend afterthought to put that aside and change subjects in a manner as to then refer to the previous guest and show to isolated and shame viewers like me who avoid his show religiously because of his loaded statements that are usually meant to mislead unsuspecting viewers as well as to suggest blaming, shaming, or hate.
He is usually ed to arm himself with a misleading narrative to make comparisons as if to suggest that viewers are making inappropriate comparisons to critique for an excuse to discriminate (as opposed to just recognizing inconsistencies between the news content and Ari Melber’s contradictory undertone.
In this case: he used a simple analogy with numbers (suggesting the difference between millionaires and their success with viewers onlookers stupidity) relating to his next subject to belittle an regular MSNBC viewer and give a nod of approval to both artists I referenced in my Facebook page (a band directly, and a rappers legal woes indirectly).
I believe Ari melber, as usual, made a comment to show approval of others promoting hate toward Puerto ricans, for ari to pander to black people who want to blame Puerto ricans as racist, by publicly nodding for permission and approval for a band that promotes racism to be racist toward Puerto ricans, in compliance with others who like to blame others as racist specifically: me.
I believe that with Ari Melber’s number analogy, that he intended to minimize and reduce the relevance of my thoughts or my right to opinion: based on the fact that I am one person who doesn’t have a girlfriend, solely bc I am disabled.
Furthermore: I believe that Ari not only slanders the character of Puerto ricans (and specifically me) out of his own parinoia, but that he also does so to act on behalf of people who are woke to divisively utilize and blame people he defiles and defames both publicly and privately as woke themselves, in order to enable others to target and shame people like me as perpetrators and not a victim(s) of weaponized culture, andor tribalism -through Ari Melber’s exploits (with his own fanatic divisiveness) on a network that is supposed to promote actual practice of law as well as promote liberal Democrat values, not undermine it at the opportunity and expense of viewers that Ari melber repeatively discriminates against, seemingly -as a legal analyst and show host, and not as someone who plays a key role in enabling black people to assign Puerto ricans as racist, or to show approval or give permission for white rock bands to promote anti racism (as most people percieves it, despite claims) as they specifically exercise with the intent of using the racism they (the music band) founded, as an excuse to act continuelly more fanatically openly racist- for, or is spite of: other victims of racism, in order to promote unity (everywhere else) based on the racism theyve previously established (which ive witnessed then perceived first hand) as inspiration from those (falsely perceived highly motivated over privileged role models) previous albums.
I believe that Ari Melber wants to establish his identity as someone who conservatively hates or blames Puerto ricans to appease and gain ecceptence by black people and elevate his status, specifically, with local rappers and influential celebrities, so as to sociopathically further gain approval by privileged artists to push his agenda to target one individual, presumably me, to promote his beliefs (that align with progressive extremist agendas) which not only are wrong and misleading, but are themselves (to an extent) founded on hate, to socially advance both scapegoating and completely isolating and rejecting a whole race of Latin people (or disabled people) from culture, and from our country or public life (if not just denying theirour existence as equel people with equel rights) based on targeting people to advance an agenda that’s based on a false basis, which requires false charges, and with malicious intent.
Collectively, I believe Ari melber used misogyny to undermine the previous guest, general code of conduct, the practice of even taking others civil liberties into account (or minimizing and reducing them greatly in comparison to his oen) just to use the opportunity presented by his being overly precautous of Msnbcs viewers – to promote victimization, by using a coded language to appease racially sensitive friends- to be racially insensative to a Latin viewer, or viewers- at the beginning or end of his show, in order to justify racist behavior to condemn individuals who are not racist -bc he knows he can opportunistically make inappropriate compound statements which viewers who avoid him might still accidentally view when a show before his ends, or which the show after his show begins …because promoting fear suits his personal tastes.
I believe he does this to continuelly reiterate that he is not the cause, based on his unaccountable behavior.
His cultural insensativity is to pander to his peers, specifically male peers who are passive, and therefore: Ari melber feels he has permission and feels entitled based on his peers passivity, because he is a legal analyst who tests personal boundaries based on ratings which motovates him to continue his behavior which MSNBC allows, by passing it off as satire or human error, when it appears more strategic and premeditated.
Aside being racially insensative, I believe he acted out by saying (1 million 1 million equals 2 million) to belittle people, specifically myself, who is disabled, just as he is usually misogynistic to promote racial insensitivity to alienate viewers who he wants to reiterate as racist.
As someone who wants to be accepted amongst his friends as masculine, he hides that to pretend to be politically driven.
I believe Ari melber masked belittling me based on his support of racial insensativity to support Pete Davidson, who I believe used snl to call me, a survivor of racism, El Chapo – for having made a previous complaint about Ari melber just before he called me el Chapo.
I believe that bc I posted on Facebook, recently, about a band who I know promotes racism through indirect or masked privilege (as well as through the subjectification and violence inflicted apon me by racially driven drug enthusiasts who targeted me for simply quitting drugs in the past) -i believe Ari melber was cryptic and racially insensative bc that band is associated with the Kardashians, and therefore: Pete Davidson, who is an ex affiliate and probably a friend of ari Melber’s. I believe Ari melber wanted to display superiority based on class, and MSNBC repeatively overlooking his behavior- based on his view that Puerto ricans are racist against black people, and I believe he has long had a small select group of people for which to progressively foster that hatred, and sport it- through exploitation and unaccountability, because he is not grounded by the same rules or laws that he otherwise associates with politics, as well as openly, obviously, dissasociates from when he promotes culture to elevate his own status by assigning blame through belittling and coded mockery.
I believe he is so starved for attention that he does this specifically when someone doesn’t complain about him, or intentionally makes it a point to stop complaining about him.
I believe his demeanor is evident when he speaks overly at the beginning of e d of his show, when he suspects that some long term viewers avoid his show to avoid rhetoric that can be suggestive and open ended based on Ari melber demeanor, indirectly.
I believe Ari melber lobbies this extreme shaming of I dividuals for the sake of culture insensativity to promote cultural insensativity, instead of celebrating cultural divirsity- based on an inferiority complex that he possesses because he is possibly of middle eastern decent, and seems to be obsessed with seeking acceptance from white people while promoting victim shaming to appease pete Davidson, and promote assigning blame with or to black culture icons, to normalize scapegoating and exploiting individuals to cause awareness while attempting to encourage victims to experience shame through mistreatment and his specially crafted subjective pessimism and overconfidence with assigning blame.
To sum it up, he is being racist to encourage racism by blaming people who are not, nor never have been racist- as racist, based on oppertunity- to show support for a band that capitalizes off of giving white people permission to be racist, simply bc they are associated with pete Davidson, indirectly, to defy MSNBCs code of conduct and regulations, while pandering for permission and acceptance based on his inferiority complex in order to publicly shame people who arw disabled, Puerto Rican victimssurvivors of racism: as racist.

In addition: bc I not only voiced my opinion about a music band encouraging racism, but also pointed out why cardi b seems equally exploitative and dishonest (based on her current legal problems) specifically to disassociated from sponsoring or representing people through dishonesty, I believe Ari melber acted out to belittle vulnerable people of a lesser class yo publicly charge me with the very racism and racial division that he promotes.ex: 1 million (blink 182, social media likes, money) plus 1 million (Cardi B, social media likes money) 2 million (publicly charging a person of racism simply bc I was a victim of racism, and still fend off exploitation).

Summery: as a person who has been shot in the face with a frozen paintball, assaulted in my sleep, and targeted by individuals in Springfield mo for being disabled and quitting drugs, harassed in anyway that’s hard to prove, been lured, attacked, burned, and beaten -for nit being racist- and as a person whos friends are all dead (anywhere between 15 and 30) which includes homicide, suicide, overdoses (as well as being almost shot twice outside of my current residence by means of entrapment) all based on being blindly raised around drug mules in support of their racist counterparts: I’d say that Ari melber is the perfect candidate of someone who encourages racism in the name of his ancestors, not mine -to feel less inferior, because he knows he’s wrong but has been heavily invested in blaming and maming psychologically or otherwise- for way too long.
MSNBC: Your letting a man with animosity toward innocent people practice racism to appease gangster rappers and a select group of Hollywood elites, to target your own viewers based on class, race, and disability. His behavior is as clear on TV as I am saying and reiterating it.

Suggested solution:

Recognize Ari Melber's intent and hold him accountable, and consider the fact that he has the resources to investigate people he doesn't like, and act in direct correlation with their personal misconceptions and mental limitations on a personal private basis. Or, more simply put: regulate his behavior so he's not trying to abuse his position to regulate other people, as a defiant opportunist who behaves like a persistent offender out of his own fear of rejection which he's developed from repeatively taking unnecessary risks.

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