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My complaint:

I am a Coors beer customer and have been for years. This week when I purchased my 28 pack while carrying in down stairs I placed my hand on the bottom of the box and sliced my hand open. I then cleaned my cut and opened the case to find out how the box cut me. When I removed the bottles I found a broken bottle bottom wedged into the base of the box. When I looked on the underside of the box the sharp broken class was sticking out of the box. This resulted in the the injury to my hand. Had it been higher it would have been my wrist and veins. How this case a beer was filled and shipped out the the beer store in this condition I have no idea, other than to say it could have resulted in a major injury to me.

Suggested solution:

Molson Coors should open an investigation to determine how this box with a broken bottle was packed and shipped out in this condition so it does not put any other Coors beer drinkers in the situation I now find my self in as a result of the packaging and broken bottle left in the case. This was dangerous and a major safety failure on the part of Molson Coors bottling and packaging.

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