Complaint: Account Banned for fake reasons

on 17 April 2022 about Mobile Premier League (MPL) in category Gambling

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My complaint:

One day when I tried to login to the app, it did not allow me to login saying my account is permanently banned for violating their policy terms for the third time. The account ban was for fake or no reason and I did not violate any terms. According to their policy, the first offense gets a 1 day ban, second offense gets a 7 day ban and the third attempt gets a permanent ban. In the past too, I did not get any email communications from MPL saying that my account is suspended for for the first and second offense. They directly banned my account saying it was my third offense.

When I contacted the support team for a resolution, they did not give any satisfactory response. They first said that I violated their terms. They are not providing any proof. They asked for my registered email and phone number. Upon giving these details, they told that they are unable to locate my account in their database. Up to this day, I am still receiving promotional emails and survey calls from MPL. How is this possible? The US support team is making me to contact the Indian support team and the Indian support team is asking me to contact the US support team. This is frustrating as my money is locked in their account. I think they are scamming people for money.

Suggested solution:

I want them to give necessary proof that I violated their terms. I also want them either to unlock my account with my funds intact or return my money. It is not their money to begin with.

Account Banned for fake reasons
Account Banned for fake reasons
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