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My complaint:

I got a Milestone Credit Card in January 2023. When I received my credit report,I noticed a about a new address. When I looked into it and try to get it off because it wasn’t me and it was a state that I never been to in my life. So I tried to dispute it it I couldn’t because I have to go through Milestone because they let someone do fraudulent activity with my account. So they put in a fraud claim I was told after numerous calls I made to them that the account was closed. On my last call which was April 17 ,I was told they got my information they requested and they closed the account for fraud and it would come off my credit report. So I checked on April 28,the address was still there’s and now I have a delinquent mark because they haven’t done anything. So I called today and they’re telling me something different saying they are waiting for the information that I already provided and alot of other false things. So I asked them to go back to the recorded call to her what I was told,in which I don’t trust them to do so. So now they’re saying since I changed the address back to the right one and not the one they allowed someone to call and give them that Im responsible for their mistake. And I don’t know how I’m going to get the fraudulent address off my credit.

Suggested solution:

They should close the case,take the fraudulent address off my credit,and be more careful with people informationit and leave me alone.

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1 month ago - Complaint is solved by Milestone Credit Cards

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