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on 01 March 2021 about Meijer in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

Hello, I need to make you aware of a situation that occured on Saturday February 27th at The Greenwood, Indiana Meijer. After ringing in $250.00 worth of grocery’s in the self checkout due to having no open cashiers in the store, I was stopped on my way out the door by 3 women whom asked me to come with them. I was taken in to a closet room where I was harrassed for over an hour about stealing items. The 3 women went thru my cart checking each item off a receipt with a highlighter. This was the most ridiculous thing I have every witnessed. When they couldnt find anything they made things up and took them out of my cart and kept them. When the officer came in I think he was as confused as I was. I did videotape the majority of this situation. (The pretend employee Cop wannabee’s name is Cheryl.) Before I take this further I thought I would give you a chance to respond. I am making phone calls today to get this to the right people. I saw in our local paper that she had quite the full day catching people in your store. I am not sure what her problem is but this was absolutely unacceptable. FYI I am 47 years old female with no Criminal History.
Jennifer Bennett 317-223-1184

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Fire all involved.

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