Complaint: Government Police Surveillance

on 05 November 2018 about Maryland State Police in category Government Services

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My complaint:

Since 2005, I have suffered police harassment on a daily 24 hours basis. When I complained about financial institutions committing fraud and criminal acts against my deceased cousins estate is when the government surveillance activity begin. Police started monitoring conversations when talking on the phone with civil rights and civil liberties groups a loud helicopter would start hubbering over the home either when I talked on the landline or cell phone describing the fraudulent behavior committed by financial institutions.

This police misconduct has continued for over 13 years years escalating with surveillance planes over the home that monitor movements inside and outside the home. The Surveillance tracking either continues with other surveillance planes in different jurisdictions or the same planes are following my vehicle where ever I go.

On Wednesday, October 31, 2018 in Anne Arundel County. I looked up and saw surveillance planes over my doctors office. Then proceeded to targeted me at Howard County and Baltimore County Public Library’s terrorizing me with surveillance planes directly over my vehicle. I tried to get away from them moving to a different parking space. I never made it inside either library because I am afraid of these surveillance planes dumping chemicals down on me that spew out of it’s engines which you can clearly see in the air.

As recently, as Sunday night on November 4th because I am an Independent and didn’t agree with political statements made by politicians while watching CNN. Same police harassment started with a helicopter flying over the home so low and loud that it raddles the bedroom windows. This unlawful police harassment goes on frequently over the home eavesdropping in on speech.

The over intrusive behavior includes surveillance of employment, banking affairs, housing and legal and court matters, doctors offices, shopping, restaurants, television shows and phone conversations, internet and computers.

Also, anything electronic has been broken includes electronic devices inside the home that includes televisions, cable boxes, phones, computers, wall heaters, microwaves, toaster ovens, refrigerators.

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Suggested solution:

1. To expose unlawful and discriminatory police surveillance misconduct against me since 2005.

2. Bring legal action against police and higher ups responsible for police harassment surveillance.

3. Demand a full investigation as to why, what and whom authorized surveillance activity.

4. Disciplinary action taken against all individuals involved in surveillance harassment since 2005 providing all documentation of spying, including video, audio and any other surveillance conducted by all local, state, private and federal law enforcement agencies involved.

5. A Cease and Desist order stopping unlawful police misconduct and surveillance immediately.

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