Complaint: Maltreat the staff by cancelling shifts last minute without paying loss

on 24 January 2019 about MaritzCX in category Software

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My complaint:

I want to make a complain to the MaritzCX in London. They maltreat the employer and I want to make a plea to help me solve it.

Thanks for your time in advance and the week before last week fortunately I passed the assessment and get enrolled to work in MaritzCX London. But I got into problems now.

After the assessment day, I ed with my university to make sure the settled time to work in MaritzCX and then I ed the training shift this week and next week shift three times with the booking team which can be referred from the previous emails and another email chase which I can provide as proof as well. Final ation happened on Monday 12:54, and all the train ticket purchases finished at 12:51 the same day. For the job, I need to commute between Leicester and London and I don’t care if I’m so tired or if I can earn money, I value the experience.

Then on Wednesday I got classes at Market Harborough. After class I immediately got on the train to go to London at 15:26. When on the train the signal is really weak and after train I got on the tube where there’s no signal at all.

At the very time the booking team sent me an email to cancel all of my shift in the last minute. The cancellation email was sent 15:58 which is nearly the end of the day. And when I got to where I can temporarily live, it’s 18:15 and I checked and replied the cancellation email at 18:35.

As I paid 12.520.131.15 £63.75 for two days shifts this week shuffling between Leicester with one of them used and two other like shown in the attachment non-refundable, and because we ed all the shift more than twice, so I only require reimbursement on the train tickets.

And after calling to the office I got the reason why the shifts are cancelled. I understand they might think the working hours don’t fit the expectation so at least don’t my shift and if ed at least reimburse my loss.

I sent them emails to claim my rights, and they just said forwarded to the management team without any further solution.

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Suggested solution:

Get all of my travel expense caused by their last-minute cancellation paid which is £63.75.

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