Complaint: Mistreatment of homeless people by staff

on 19 January 2019 about Lowndes Associated Ministries to People in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

I have been in the shelter a couple of weeks now. And I think that the staff here lacks empty for their guest. They speak to you like we are not a human being. They also have children under 12 doing chores the adult guest should be doing. The children are all in Elementary school. The youngest is 8yrs old. I have cried in my room many nights because of these reasons. I speak respectively to them and the response is with a attitude. I feel really bad being a educated women in the field of Social Work. I was taught in school to have empathy for your clients. In think there are 3 employees here who work night and over night shift who needs a attitude adjustments. One is a older gentlemen and the other 2 are Middle age women. I believe the company needs to revert back to the Mission statement on the company site. Nice looking pictures and a motto that is up for show. Case Managers are respectful but I think they should spend more time paying attention and listening to the client. I hope things can change because I feel it increases people depression and other mental health problems that people may have. Also, I wish this place could have a on call nurse for the ones who needs to take there meds . And my husband has a couple of herniated disc in his back. They place refuses ro provides him with. Second mattress. He has no health insurance to go to the doctor to provide proof. He is in pain daily for long periods of time or all day.

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Suggested solution:

I want them to seriously follow the mission statement and care for the people they help. Since some employees lack this. I feel the should going to trainings to be taught how to treat people that has just undergone a tramatic event in thir lives. If they can\'t change the attitude then I feel they should be replaced with employees who can.Simple. Human beings should be treated with love and respect even if you are homeless , with no job, and you smell. I have worked with similar population and I treated the people like people and spoke to them in a kind respectful way. No children under 12 should be responsible for a chore. I think it should Make it a rule here and fine the company if broken.

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