LinkedIn complaint: Deleted almost everything

on 02 August 2022 about LinkedIn in category Social Media

New complaint
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My complaint:

Had problems in years past to update articles- never resolved save for one time perhaps 2021
Started Premium in 12022 in hopes of better service and better marketing of skills
Wrote complaint about inability to update- probably in June or July 2022.
Never got a status and needed to check articles online.
Linkedin deleted almost everything- all articles, posts etc. and deleted over 10,000 members I had developed over the years. I have lost hundreds of hours of work and they will not respond to a direct request as to why or what or …….

Suggested solution:

Don't know that they can since they effectively deleted 10,000 members
But if no one replies, I'll have to resort to filing a legal case against them in order to even get a reply

See https:www.linkedin.cominerrold-moody-43b540246recent-activity- there is nothing there

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