Complaint: Elec shut off with 2 young children in home

on 05 March 2020 about Liberty Utilities in category Utilities

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My daughter 2 young children moved into a 480sq ft house. She was unemployed so had to have a co-signer that was employed. Her ex had a good job at Tyson’s in monett mo. So he consigned. She seen her first bill which was $5 it was paid. Another bill was never received there were several phone calls asking why no bills were being sent. Liberty electric couldn’t figure it out. They let it go for over a yr then shut it off, it was over a thousand dollars. Instead of going after her ex which was her co-signer with a good job it was his 2 children living with my daughter. No instead they will not allow my daughter to get it in her name she has some mental problems I’m trying to get her help but as of now she only receives $650 a month in child support they won’t help her with the energy assitance Oacac. She is 30 yrs old poor girl seems to get denied on everything she tries to do. I’m her mother worked all my life to support my 2 children by myself until I got very sick had to file fore disability myself. I help her financially the best I can but I make less then $1000 a month myself. So now she has no electricity for some reason did not recieve her food stamps no explanations my daughter 2 small children have no power no way to cook no way to buy food I’m terrified they ate going to end up on the street. I would move them in with me in a heart beat but I’m having to move out of where I’m at. She has no where to turn I’m scared something drastic might happen with her problems please she needs help can’t get any so the three of them are suffering I’m scared.

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Liberty elec company should go after her ex he did cosign still has his good paying job. He\'s able to pay a good size car payment every other week for a $13,000 auto but not help keep his babies with electricity. Social services had to get a court order for the child support because he didn\'t think he should have to give her anything to help with his children. I have bought all their school supplies, clothes they were close to sleeping on the bare floor so I purchased a trundle bed with mattresses all new bedding. My daughter tries so hard but gets no where yet her neighbors more than one get every kind of assitance u can imagine rent assistance help with elec bills food stamps none of them work . all seems screwed up to me. I\'m going to try send the shut off notice she received after living in this 480sq ft cubical since June of 2018 only $5 had been paid they let it go until April of 2019 over $1000 then shut it off. Now I\'m going on 60 yrs old never have had any place utilities, phone let something go that long before shutting it off that\'s really alot of money for that little space. I measured it so I know how big it is. They are taking advantage of people badly it needs to be investigated.

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