Complaint: I never received my settlement

on 27 October 2021 about Kemper in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

I was expecting a settlement from my insurance but I never received it. Long story short according To my insurance my check was mailed to me with a 2 day express mail option. I never received it. It turns out the day it was supposed to be at the house were I rented a room for a month was robed and the mail was Amoung what was stolen amoung that my check was too. But when I saw that it was not here i called my insurance right away to notify them. And later on when I discovered that it had Ben stolen i called them again notifying them letting them know and asking if they can cancel it. Now when I called first time to tell them check not here. They told me to have patience. 2 days is two days. Then when I notified about theft they told me no worries that they won’t be able to cash it. And to just have patience. Shortly after that I get a call stating that it was cashed and I wouldn’t be getting another check from them and that I had to go through there investigation process. Over a month and nobody saying anything to me. And the person’s who’s stole the check tried breaking in my neighbor’s house and was unsuccessful. And dropped a back pack I looked in that bag found some paperwork from my insurance and 2 check stubs. One stub that was a bofa stub has a pic of a Chek in the amount I’m supposed to received but it was in a different name I’ll attach them. We’ll it turns that it looks like it had been washed and the name was In one of the profiles I found I the bag. But it’s hard to read. Anyways. I been trying to contact my insurance adjuster his boss no one will return my call. I finally get a hold of my first adjuster she tells meni need to get a hold of my adjuster boss which is one that won’t return my calls I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with when things like this happened to me alot of times I’m misunderstood. But I pay my insurance fool coverage every month. And I’m hearing the feel that they done there part and not issuing me another check the tell me.i half to be the one to open a clam with the bank which doesn’t make cents seeing I don’t have a account with that bank. Spoke to both bank they both agreed my insurance half to be the one who open the clam.

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What ever proof I have submitted to the police put took pic. Return my call so u can receive what I have so we can move forward

I never received my settlement
I never received my settlement
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