Complaint: Maskless cashier – station 4 – “facial covering” policy not mask requirement – reckless disregard for the safety of the people in contact with offender –

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My complaint:

This cashier wore a triangulated folded bandana and had an total unkempt appearance with a heavy beard – bandana was over his nose with exposed mouth and sides where the customer had no protection from his breathing, cough, or sneeze –
This kind of policy is “reckless disregard for the safety” of anyone in contact with the offender –
A “Facial covering policy” is clearly wildly misinterpreted by employed personnel – bandanas do not meet any CDC N95 criteria to protect anyone from from the particulates exhaled by the wearer –
And does not protect the offender from people he was in contact with –
This situation is completely unacceptable – company management needs to update their policy immediately and train their personnel appropriately –
these maskless (bandana) choices were even encouraged by existing management on duty on this day –
The manager on duty even told me that he wore a bandana for 18 days ?
Now that is setting an example for how to infect everyone around you !

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Immediately -
Update the Jewel policy requirement
for all Jewel employees to wear N95 masks over
their noses at all times -
eliminate the term “facial covering” -
be specific with the mask terminology used for employee mask utilization to protect the paying consumer and everyone around the offender -
internally police the policy with the employees -
See instore recording at station 4 about 2:45p
on 9621 @ Barrington IL Main Street store and
the following management discussions at the
customer service desk -

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