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on 03 February 2020 about Hughson Police Department in category Emergency Services

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I had my unlawfully tow by the City of Hughson Police Department. I was told by the City clerks office employeethat my car was removed by Hughson PD because it had a ticket on it of violation and that it had been parked for longer than it should had been. This is all incorrect my car had not been parked in that location for not longer than a day and I have poof that will clearly show that I had the car legally tow to the location where it was park the very night before it was tow away by Hughson Police officer who’s name is unknown to me as of this point but what so ever was stated by the officer was false and the unlawful decision that was made by this officer costed me over 1000 dollars and has lead to me to be unable to repair my car that ended up ultimately cost me to loss my car. I have paperwork backing my claims from auto mechanic receipts and receipt from Anderson’s tow company which by the way city of Houston’s PD uses this company often to tow vehicles and also was the company that was use to unjustifiably remove my car and I will be submitting all documents related to my claims and I seek reimbursement my out-of-pocket cost of my opinions discriminatory actions against me

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I want full reimbursement my out-of-pocket cost and the recovery and returning if my car as well as the Kelly blue book value of what my car is worth due to the overwhelming price to repair from the damages that was inflicted after and during the removal from city of Hughson Police officer. I am left to go without reliable source of transportation as will as being put in a position where I can not no longer afford to purchase another vehicle at this time and not only that but also causing me to undergo being delinquent on some of my important bills and obligations to pay expenses from me having to pay an outstanding balance to retrieve my property and everything thematic lead up to thus point.

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