Holiday Harbor Motel complaint: Disgusting motel

on 07 June 2021 about Holiday Harbor Motel in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I been staying here for a few months and had a hardship but this motel is infested with roaches they are all on my bed crawling on me and on the walls and the floor I’m up all night and can’t sleep and I have no choice but to stay here until I get into a place but I shouldn’t have to stay in a place like this. They know about it and do nothing this has been happening for years I’ve heard and it’s only getting worse. I can’t sleep at night and have to be up early for work all day and I am not happy no one has done anything about this. They say they have termix coming out but I never see them and by the amount of roaches in my room everyday I think they are lying. I have to waste money on raid and bombs and do it myself but they just keep coming more and more of them. Someone needs to do something how can anyone let this happen.

Suggested solution:

Someone needs to come out and do something no one should have to pay the amount they are asking to live with roaches. So gross. They are all in my stuff in my bed in my shower and even in my toilet like come on. This pic is what is all over the room and in my bed

Disgusting motel
Disgusting motel
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