Complaint: Evidence that police don’t keep case’s confidential

on 02 March 2020 about Hastings Police in category Emergency Services

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My complaint:

So a incident happened Tuesday 18th February about 8:15pm where my brother in law went down to the Windsor Park Mayfair with our nephew on a bike. He came back told me and my partner what had happened at the park. He told us this ***  lady told him “Get the f off that bike and get the f out of the park” we then were furious of what we had heard and decided to drive down to the park.

When we arrived she started crying and screaming running behind 20 soccer players, we couldn’t even get to her and we were at least 20 meters away. We started cursing and so did everyone that was there. *** yelling at us that “*** own the land, that the maoris signed it over and that they were ringing the police”. We then took of back home. Where we were sitting outside for less than 10 minutes and it started with 3 police officers arriving. 1 police officer said “I’ve heard there’s been a incident at the park” my brother in law then tried to justify himself on what had happened. Before he could finish they said “We are placing you under arrest” no reasoning why.

My brother in law got tasered, 3 kicks to his body and a punch in the face in the police car. My dad in law and partner had gotten arrested and my mum in law and sister had gotten pepper sprayed. My partner was getting harassed in the police car saying “How did your brother like that taser” “You and your brother are dumb fucks” they were laughing about tasering my brother in law getting cheeky to my partner the whole way.

My mum in law being pepper sprayed, well she goes to hook up our nan every night about 9:00pm on her Baxter Dialysis Machine. Makes it hard when you can’t see.

My sister she’s deaf and the only way she can communicate is by reading lips. Well she couldn’t read lips because she had been pepper sprayed. We took her to the hospital where she couldn’t even fill in her details or hear what the doctors were asking and telling us. The doctors treated us like criminals because the police had been involved.

My dad in law was placed under arrest for threatening behaviour yet he didn’t do anything wrong.

My brother in law, dad in law and my partner have never been in trouble with the law before. We all have no criminal charges or criminal conviction.

My mum in law and me are going up for obstruction on the police officer that did this all to us and we are needing help.

These are your Hastings Nz Police, 6 police cars at the end of it all. I have proof of everything as well as videos. I have proof that a police officer did not keep our case confidential as well as the police officer that we complained to, told a police officer our situation.

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Suggested solution:

Fight with us for our rights. We were getting fined alot of money and now we want to fine them for breach of Privacy, misconduct of duty, harassment, common assault, not read our rights or told the reasoning. So many other things. We want no other family to suffer and to have to see what we seen. We want the police office to be stood down from duty for good.

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