Hardees complaint: Bad service

on 06 March 2023 about Hardees in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My family and I arrived at Hardee’s in Barnwell on March 5 2023 at the drive thru at 8:25pm. We waited at the speaker for 10 minutes and no one took our order until we blew the horn. The order was taken and was told to drive around to the window. When we got to the window I handed the employee my debit card,she slammed the window shut and said he’ll get you, meaning the other employee behind her and walked off. The other employee did come to the window and took my payment and handed us our drinks and told us to park in the parking lot. Before we drove to the spot, I asked what did they close because it was only 8:45pm, he said 9:00. So we parked as told. At 8:56pm,. We still hadn’t received our order, my wife was going to enter the lobby but was locked. She stood outside of the drive thru area hoping to be seen which she was and handed her our order and one of the employees told her that they forgot we were out there.

Suggested solution:

Whichever see fit

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