Habitat for Humanity complaint: House being built to close to mine home

on 20 September 2022 about Habitat for Humanity in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

My name is Kristin Edwards and I live at 225 SW 9th Ave in Grand Rapids. I have lived on my property for over 11 years. This year Habitat is building a home less than 15 feet from my home with a lot that is big enough to move this house over 5 feet to eliminate a very real problem. Where the house is now the winter snow, heavy amounts of winter snow, ice, and drainage will harm both houses. My bathroom and bedroom windows are extremely close to this house and will affect my privacy. Habitat did not discuss how close this house would be to mine so we could come to a compromise. I am a senior handicapped citizen facing possible cancer and I am devastated by this build.

Suggested solution:

By moving the house which is being built over just 5 feet to give both homes better drainage, snow and ice problems as well as a noise barrier, It will give me privacy and assure no one will be looking in my bathroom and bedroom windows. This should never have happened and speaking with the City of Grand Rapids did not resolve anything.

House being built to close to mine home
House being built to close to mine home
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