Complaint: Wont tell my why the took 600 dollars from me

on 31 July 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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I’ve had my old school greendot card for years no problem everything has been fine.. I get my coca cola paychecks a day early and I like it cause if u dont have the money u cant spend it plus I like having my money in safe..well my paycheck loads at 4 am yesterday I lock it away like i always do cause I dont trust anybody and then on way to work stopped and got cash out of ATM and that was it..Then lunch time comes I was scd to get my windows tinted at 12 I go to move 100 on card it says I’m NEGATIVE 596 Dollars and doesnt give a reason or anything it was called a Vault Transfer -600. Now I’m screwed I got 850 in safe and they got me I have to pay the 600 or I cant get the other remaining 200 dollars. Called and ask how is NEGATIVE 600 possible it’s a pre pay I don’t have anything Bill’s or Payments come off the card. She won’t answer anything I ask her.. I said what is Vault Teanser how can u do that 600 when there is only 3 dollars positive to spend at the time? Well after doing my research Green Dot last 3 months is blocking people and keeping there money..And they pulled one on me..did my research even read whole 40 page term of service found a corporate number off a Green Dot facebook group and that lady would answer anything and she only said 4 words over and over it was a joke .Then called again number on card got same India lady said listen right off top I did my research and terms I got few questions and I wish I could make this up but Hello ? Mr Jordan are u there? Your breaking up please call back later I cant hear you I Said CAN YOU HEAR THIS KISS MY ASS! And hung up…they play games the steal and are crooks I want my 600 back and I wanna shut them down thank you

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Giving me new card with new numbers and that 600 they stole from me..

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Green Dot Bank

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