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on 12 September 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

On the 10th of August my purse and everything inside it was stolen, including my wallet and cellphone.
I am disabled and it was days before anyone came to visit, but when I did get a visitor I used their phone to report my that my card was stolen. When I checked my balance I immediately knew someone had used my Green Dot card. My card was used through the mobile by transferring money using send money P2P option about through the app. The one good thing is that they have a number or email to the receipt of the stolen money. I filed fraud charges and they were denied. I filed fraud charges again hoping for Reconsideration but those were denied also. I have used my Green Dot card for around five years. I use my Green Dot card for everything. I have been getting all of my checks, direct deposits, and all of my refunds on my Green Dot card for several years now. I will be closing my account and looking for another bank if green Dot and I can not come to a agreement or compromise. I have never used the p2p portion of the green Dot card before, and I am confused at to why they haven’t pressed charges since they have the recipient phone number and or email address. It was transaction that occurred on the 11th of August 2020 totaling 300.00.

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Suggested solution:

Replace stolen money, press charges against receipt, and do this in a very timley fashion. A hybrid of my solution is fine as long as the stolen money get replaced. Isn't this why we use banks,, to have our money insured and to have the money replaced. i

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