Complaint: Customer negligence and misleading information

on 16 January 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

Almost one year ago to the day my card was scammed by an overseas con artist. They ran up several ATM withdrawals to my account overseas exceeding $700 this was clearly a scam and immediately once I discovered the transactions I filed a complaint in a dispute with Green Dot Bank happened to be unhelpful at best. After two and a half months I received $400 of my money back GreenDot decided to keep almost $300 the scam artist ATM fees LOL yesterday my car insurance company accidentally posted a pending charge a $635. Again once I noticed I contacted them and they reverse it canceling the transaction completely. This should have been no different than any other canceled transaction returning to the account within 24 hours of it being posted considering the fact that the Merchants Bank was no longer seeking the funds. I contacted GreenDot Bank via live chat because every time I called I was placed on hold for over 45 minutes just to get a person who would hang up on me. The person I spoke with on the live chat notified me exactly what I mentioned above, that within 24 hours the full amount would be returned to my card….
After 30 hours, I call GreenDot again to be informed that now, my $635 could take up to 10 business days or longer to be available….
Any other Bank would have immediately released my money after 24hr of beingcanceled, considering I had a life threatening emergency medical issue that day(which I explained to GreenDot). I was rudely told to calm down, and that I just had to wait.
When I requested to file a consumer complaint they left the chat.
This Bank is fraudulent in their actions and still owes me almost 300$ from the dispute I filed a year ago.

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Suggested solution:

Release my hard earned money and repay the amount still owed from my dispute.

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