Complaint: Closed my account when they knew that the second stimulus was coming

on 07 January 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

They closed my account because I was negative 19.29 and the second stimulus payment was pending from the irs. I tried to get customer service to unlock the account my card is still good and I had not asked to close my account. These reps just kept saying the same thing over and over again. I asked for a supervisor that would help me out and he was very rude and repeated the same thing as the previous one. This company has no empathy for the customer and now I will not have the stimulus money for at least a month or more thanks to these rich people who are playing with my money and probably holding it in there account for as long as legally possible to get the interest for it then sending it back to the irs knowing that it is for me and knowing that I will be screwed by there actions. I hate this company they just take rake and toss there customers that are already not financially secure already. They take advantage of this fact and we consumers are the ones who are losing our lives and they do not care if that happens. I understand that they have a business to run but have a little bit of understanding about what is going on with the customer. Then I get off the phone with him and I get a email that says that you may have got an email from us that says that we had reactivated your account thats false and we have sent your eip payment back to the irs. So they knew that it was my eip payment and instead of just letting it be deposited into my account and getting there 20 bucks for the money that I owe they sent back the money that I was counting on to make it to my new job that I was finally able to get after months of being unemployed. So now I’m possibly not going to be able to make it to this job that is a great job because of a selfish bunch of rich people who are not even from this country. I am so pissed right now. This company ought to be sanctioned by the government of the United States .

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They should be liable for the damage caused by the closing of this account and the loss of my stimulus payment that I was expecting of $1200.00. Plus the stress of worrying about how the hell im going to get to work to become a productive member of society. Plus I have bills to pay for too which was some of the money I was planning on spending. They put me way behind the 8ball of life by one flip of a switch in there computer and lied to me and said that it could not be reversed for me. That was clearly not the case which the email that was sent to me had indicated that it could be they just decided to play God and not because they are cruel and they don't care about the people who make sure they have what they want in life.

Closed my account when they knew that the second stimulus was coming
Closed my account when they knew that the second stimulus was coming
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