Complaint: Card has money on it and wont work and they wont do anything about it

on 19 September 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I bought a card and it does not work like it is suppose to, they are doing nothng to fix it. I have been using these cards for years and have probably bought 100 of them. I bought 2 of these cards at the exact same time the other day, both of them the exact same identical card and card 1 works fine and I am also able to login to the app with card 1 but I cant with card 2. Something is wrong. It says right on the package that the card came in that it is reloadable and can be used at ATM’s but they are saying it cant be? Card 1 works fine online and at ATM’s and it is the exact same thing bought at the exact same time. This needs to get fixed, I have pictures including the package it came in that says reloadable $3 ATM fees. But they just keep saying its not reloadable, cant be used online, cant be used at ATM’s and they say I cant just cancel it and have a check sent to me either. It says right on the package that it can do these things, and it also states on their website that it can do these things. If you will notice it says reloadable ATM use right on the front of the package. The other one that I bought at the same time – card 1 works fine and I can use the app with that one, the other one card 2 which is the exact same thing bought at the exact same time at the exact same place does not work. This is not fair and is not right, I work for a living and I dont have a lot of money for a bank to just go and do something like this and tell me that they can not fix it.

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Make my card work like it is suppose to

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Aaron Brucker
Aaron Brucker (@iwantmycash)
8 months ago

I just purchased a new card and was given the exact line of B.S. I think this could be labeled FRAUD. They advertise what the card in the pack can do but in reality it’s mostly just empty words. I would like to see about a hundred or so customers get together via e-mail and file a class action suit. Better yet take a few hundred cases to small claims court and hold the CEO responsible. He/She runs the company so they are accountable. No lawyers just you, him and a judge. Fill his schedule up for a year or… Read more »