Global Atlantic complaint: Benefits being released

Complaint from Lynnmarie reported on 20 October 2023 about Global Atlantic

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My complaint:

My father passed away in September 2022. I am the beneficiary of his policy. My uncle paid for his cremation but we lost the receipt stating there is a zero balance. Unfortunately my uncle has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t even remember and the funeral home will not give me a receipt because of HIPPA or something they told me never to call them again. Never call about this issue. Now you are telling me these funds can’t be released unless you have that.

I’m tired of all the back and forth with no answers. This money is very important and I need answers. First I was told I sent everything and the check would be released in 1-2 days then I was told I didn’t have write paperwork now I’m told I can’t get this receipt that unfortunately I’m screwed. I spoke to many people in your company everyone is saying oh they can help them no they can’t.

Someone at your business needs to help me. I need this money to relocate yet everyone is sorry but I will be in the street HELP!!!

Suggested solution:

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