Frigidaire complaint: Air Conditioner

on 29 August 2022 about Frigidaire in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

This is what ElectroluxFrigidaire says is a quality product working as it should because no error message has shown up on the display! (I have video sent by neighbors because of the noice and how load it it). This is the second one that has done this. Bought only 3 months ago and had to fight for 3 months to get the first replaced. Still don’t have replacement and now this second one is “working normal” per their high ups! Pretty sure this is louder than the 56 decibels they advertise it as in their literature! This used to be a great company and now producing crap, horrible customer service, and apparently don’t know how products should operate. I have emails, recordings and messages backing everything I have mentioned!

Suggested solution:

Replace my 3 month old AC that is not functioning as product literature states it should.

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