Fox Sports complaint: Partial Announcers

on 29 October 2022 about Fox Sports in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Well all these announcers are talking about is Ohio State this and Ohio State that. Nothing good about Penn State. It’s all about what they say is the world famous Ohio State Buckeyes. Really!! You know alot people dont like them and for them to say the world famous please!!! They need to give the other teams credit too!! I have never watched a game like this where the announcers are all one sided pathetic!! Course what do u expect out of Fox Sports or Fox anything for that matter!! Give respect to the other teams too not just 1 or get another job.

Suggested solution:

Start respecting the other teams and not just the one team and please quit saying the world famous because that is very disrespectful to the whole college nation!!!

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