Fox Sports complaint: Just Focus on the Game Itself!!!

on 20 July 2022 about Fox Sports in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

My adult son and I wanted to watch the All-Star Game, not listen into what the pitcher is thinking and saying for the same of the camera, and not listening to what players in the dugout have to say either.. It’s so distracting!!! Just because you CAN do this, doesn’t mean you SHOULD! It ridiculous. I don’t think Fox Sports believes that the game is interesting in itself!.

Suggested solution:

Just show the game!!!!!

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Comment by poster of the complaint Rod T

2 months ago - MLB this morning called the game a nail biter. Too bad that Fox Sports didn't treat the game like it was a nail biter. After I emailed we watched more of the pathetic coverage. I'd like to remember the great Boston first baseman and dh Ortiz hitting his long homerun balls in clutch performancess, not romping through the dugout and hugging various players. That was just plain silly, especially when the game was being played. How the hell can any suspense be built up for the fans viewing the game under these conditions. What an embarrassment. My hunch is that John Smoltz was embarrassed too.Rod T.

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