Complaint: Biased Announcers

on 28 November 2021 about Fox Sports in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

The idiot announcers calling the Wisc at Minn game are ridiculously biased to Minn. Wisc sacks the MN QB and literally all they talk about the MN offensive line. They have disputed 2 calls against MN and been Wrong both times!!! Even after your expert explained, the announcers once again felt they knew better – and were Wrong.
I wish I could watch another channel for this game. Instead I have turned the sound off so I font have to hear their ridiculously biased and wrong babble.

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Suggested solution:

Get better announcers that know how to call an unbiased game.
Just call the game as it happens. Keep your opinion to yourself - no one cares. If you could coach you would but you cant so shut up.

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