Fox News complaint: MyPillow Commercials

Complaint from rbridick reported on 23 July 2022 about Fox News

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My complaint:

The my pilow man comes on numerous times every day pitching slippers. His pitch ALWAYS begins with this is the last chance to buy my slippers for $90.00 off the list price so you better hurry to get them because when they are gone they are all gone
This is so annoying that I now change channels the second he starts his pitch.
He must think we are all idiots.

Suggested solution:

Tell him at least to change his daily pitch.

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Jo (@guest_6790)
1 year ago

There he goes again – ruins my whole
Evening news experience! If I want someone to
Yell at me every 10 minutes – I could go back to my X – husband
Sooooo Annoying!?&@‘x
pillow man -STOP!! !!!!’