Complaint: Manager ,Gladys Jonah’s.

on 21 July 2020 about E-Z Mart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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The ezmart store opens at 6:30 am. Gladys will not open the store till 7 am which alot of people are sitting there waiting on her to get there to open and that makes everyone late for work. She is very rude and ruthless. She has in the past made my mother cry. she is always ugly to me for no reason. She covers her nose and acts as if we stink when we come in. She let the door go in my face one morning. She is rude to others when they ask her for change for a hundred dollar bill and says she don’t have change and gets mad at them for asking. This all has been going on for years. She needs training or special help with people eticut, I agree that she has alot of people that complain about her and do not like her at all she is a mean rude crude woman not what a customer needs before going to their job. Please once and for all fix or resolve the problem for the whole town that I am speaking for. Thank you kindly, best regards,.,,,Customer of 8 yrs.

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They shouldn't have someone that rude working there. She made my mother cry and it upsets me alot. She needs help with her bad attitude towards alot of people. Nobody should have that as their nature. It's about time someone stands up and complains about her we all had enough.

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