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on 25 April 2022 about E-Z Mart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I was at the EZ Mart at 186 Highway 27 In Nashville Arkansas. I had my drink and potato wedges on the counter and told the cashier who’s name is Ashley that I also wanted $15 on pump 4. I handed her my phone for the barcode to receive my rewards and she evidently did not see it. After I gave her the money I asked if she scanned my bar code. She said no and so I asked for a void to do the transaction over and she replied she couldn’t which I know is false because I was a cashier several times in my life (not here but nevertheless) and every other time it’s been missed at any EZ MART with other cashiers they have done it to correct the mistake! I even told her all she had to do was void and re-ring it up. I had not pumped my gas yet nor had I even touched the bag of potato wedges AND I had payed with cash so there should have been no confusion on having to return money to a card. I got her name (she probably lied) and Left very upset! This was on April 25,2022 at around 6:08 pm.

Suggested solution:

I think I should be given my reward points to my fas card (645000074221111) for the one 16 fl oz yoohoo,2 potato wedges, and $15 in gas and I think she should be reprimanded and trained better if she in fact didn’t know how to do that.


Message from Bizzy from

1 month ago - Complaint is solved by E-Z Mart

Responded on 27 April 2022 at 13:56

I still was never given my rewards points

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