Dyno-Rod complaint: Poor service. Loss of my property.

on 02 November 2022 about Dyno-Rod in category Maintenance Services

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My complaint:

I employed Dyno Rod to retrieve a rod which had become lodged in the sewage pipe leading from the downstairs toilet. This was on August 12th 2022. The rod was retrieved and when I contacted the company to find out where it was (it was part of a set loaned to me by neighbours), I was informed that the rod had been left outside the front of my house in an insecure area. I assume it was subsequently taken by the scrap dealers because of the brass ends. I asked for an explanation as to why it hadn’t been left in the area where the work had taken place which was in my back garden, secured by a locked gate, or why they didn’t tell my daughter where it was when the work had been completed. She was in the house at the time. I have emailed and have received rude and unhelpful responses from the Technical manager at CE Walton who refuses to accept responsibility for the loss of the rod. I have requested the name of his line manager in order to escalate the complaint on 3 separate occasions and have been ignored. I feel that the practice of leaving retrieved property at the insecure front of a house, when there was a secure area at the back illogical and have asked for some recompense in order to replace the rods which are now useless without the end piece. I have my email thread which I can forward if it helps.

Suggested solution:

I would be happy if they accepted that it was an illogical place to leave a retrieved item and refund enough of the £180 I paid for this job in order for me to replace the set of rods borrowed from my neighbours. I suppose I am now feeling that I would like all of the money I paid refunded as I have spent so much time trying to get a sensible response. I could have left poor reviews but I wanted to resolve the issue sensibly.

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